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Tree Peonies (Paeonia suffruticosa)

Listed Varieties Are On Display at ELYSIUM Gardens
Kelowna, BC. Canada
Early to Mid May (weather dependent)
As potted Tree Peonies are difficult to winter over in zone 5, please E:Mail for availability

Renkaku: (Japan)
aka: 'Flight of Cranes'
Large double cup shapped blooms with golden yellow stamems.
Hanakisoi: (Japan 1926)
aka: 'Floral Rivalry'.
An awesome semi-double pink suffruticosa that gets covered in silky blossoms.
Kamata-nishiki: (Japan 1893)
aka: 'Kamada Brocade'. Semi-double wisteria-blue suffruticosa with a silken sheen. Truly magnificent in bloom.
Rockii Hybrids:
Tree peony hybrids with Paeonia rockii as one parent. Mixed colours ranging from white through pink to red with dark flares.
Wu Long Peng Sheng: (China)
'Black Dragon Holds A Splendid Flower'.
Floriferous, magenta-rose with red flares inside and white blotch on reverse.
Shima nishiki: (Japan)
A very striking red and white striped suffruticosa. Some bloosoms may be solid, giving the plant a very dramatic look.
Kamata fuji:(Japan)
aka: 'Wisteria at Kamada'
Superb, long-lasting fragrant blooms in deep violet-mauve.
Yoshino gawa: (Japan)
aka: 'The Yoshino River'.
Very large delicate semi-double blush pink blossoms, open and ruffled. Most Elegant.
High Noon: (Saunders 1952)
Gold Medal Winner. Semi-double yellow hybrid. Still one of the most beautiful yellow tree peonies available.
Taiyo: (Japan) aka: 'The Sun'.
Masses of semi-double cardinal red blooms on strong stems. One of the best double red tree peonies.
Rimpo: (Japan)
aka: 'Bird of Rimpo'
Large double ruby red with substantial glossy petals. Very dramatic.
Shimadaijin: (Japan)
aka: 'Island Minister'
Very vigorous, semi-double, rich imperial-purple ruffled blooms.
Feng Dan Bei: (China)
aka: 'White Phoenix'.
Lightly ruffled white blooms with a pale mauve flare. A Chinese medicinal plant.
Hu Hong: (China)
Low growing vigorous peony with large deep rose blooms. Wider than tall at maturity.
Seidei: (Japan)
aka: 'Glorious Reign'
Delicate peachy-pink with soft pink edge.
Koukamon: (Japan)
Deep maroon, almost black near the centre.
Zhu Sha Lei: (China)
aka: 'Cinnabar Ramparts'.
Large silvery-pink lotus-style blossoms. Free flowering.
Come view the tree peonies at ELYSIUM Gardens. Early-Mid May is usually prime time. To prolong the blossoms, protect them from the hot mid-day sun.
Member Of: The Canadian Peony Society
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