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Tree Peonies (Paeonia suffruticosa)

Varieties Grown at ELYSIUM Gardens
Kelowna, BC. Canada
Bloom Time: Early to Mid May

Sorry, our Tree Peonies are no longer offered for sale.

Renkaku: (Japan)
aka: 'Flight of Cranes'
Large double cup shapped blooms with golden yellow stamems.
Hanakisoi: (Japan 1926)
aka: 'Floral Rivalry'.
An awesome semi-double pink suffruticosa that gets covered in silky blossoms.
Kamata-nishiki: (Japan 1893)
aka: 'Kamada Brocade'. Semi-double wisteria-blue suffruticosa with a silken sheen. Truly magnificent in bloom.
Rockii Hybrids:
Tree peony hybrids with Paeonia rockii as one parent. Mixed colours ranging from white through pink to red with dark flares.
Wu Long Peng Sheng: (China)
'Black Dragon Holds A Splendid Flower'.
Floriferous, magenta-rose with red flares inside and white blotch on reverse.
Shima nishiki: (Japan)
A very striking red and white striped suffruticosa. Some bloosoms may be solid, giving the plant a very dramatic look.
Kamata fuji:(Japan)
aka: 'Wisteria at Kamada'
Superb, long-lasting fragrant blooms in deep violet-mauve.
Yoshino gawa: (Japan)
aka: 'The Yoshino River'.
Very large delicate semi-double blush pink blossoms, open and ruffled. Most Elegant.
High Noon: (Saunders 1952)
Gold Medal Winner. Semi-double yellow hybrid. Still one of the most beautiful yellow tree peonies available.
Taiyo: (Japan) aka: 'The Sun'.
Masses of semi-double cardinal red blooms on strong stems. One of the best double red tree peonies.
Rimpo: (Japan)
aka: 'Bird of Rimpo'
Large double ruby red with substantial glossy petals. Very dramatic.
Shimadaijin: (Japan)
aka: 'Island Minister'
Very vigorous, semi-double, rich imperial-purple ruffled blooms.
Feng Dan Bei: (China)
aka: 'White Phoenix'.
Lightly ruffled white blooms with a pale mauve flare. A Chinese medicinal plant.
Hu Hong: (China)
Low growing vigorous peony with large deep rose blooms. Wider than tall at maturity.
Seidei: (Japan)
aka: 'Glorious Reign'
Delicate peachy-pink with soft pink edge.
Koukamon: (Japan)
Deep maroon, almost black near the centre.
Zhu Sha Lei: (China)
aka: 'Cinnabar Ramparts'.
Large silvery-pink lotus-style blossoms. Free flowering.
GROWING TIP: To prolong the blossoms, protect them from the hot mid-day sun. Attractive seed pods, may seed down if left.
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