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  Peonies For Canadian Gardens

ELYSIUM Gardens is home to a notable collection of gorgeous peonies and is proud to offer you many of our varieties, at the nursery and on-line. From our experience growing so many peonies, it has become evident that they are not all equal. With so many to choose from, we strive through our trialing at ELYSIUM Gardens, to offer you the choicest varieties.

We grow many herbaceous peonies, tree peonies (Peony suffruticosa), and Itoh (aka: Intersectional Peonies) that are a cross between herbaceous and tree peonies.

The herbaceous and Itoh peonies are hardy throughout most of Canada while tree peonies are hardy to Zone 5 and possibly Zone 4, with protection.

Sorry but we only ship within Canada
and we can not accept telephone orders.

Minimum Order $35.00
(not including taxes & shipping)

Peonies Can Be Ordered By:


Upon receipt of orders with payment,
we promptly confirm your order and advise
you of our anticipated shipping date.

Due to the increased cost of Express Post
Shipping and the fact that healthy bare-root
peonies ship extremely well, we ship by
'Regular Canada Post' for most orders.
Growing Peonies

Peonies are content to grow in the same location for decades, provided they are properly nourished.

They prefer full to part sun (minimum of 6 hours per day), average moisture and well-drained soil that is enriched with compost or other organic material annually.

Bare-root peonies should only be planted in the fall as this coincides with the time that their tubers develop most of their feeder roots. Container grown peonies can be planted any time…spring through fall.

Both herbaceous and Itoh peonies, die back in winter and should have their foliage cleaned away in autumn. Tree peonies drop their leaves but retain their woody structure. Do not cut down your tree peonies.

Follow carefully the detailed planting instructions you will receive with your order. With proper care, your peonies will give you decades of pleasure.
Our Guarantee:

We guarantee that the bareroot peony divisions we ship will be healthy and true to type, usually with 3-5 eyes per tuber. Peonies which are very difficult to divide, may have fewer eyes, but will still be healthy divisions that with proper care will grow into excellent specimens. We do not however guarantee your success growing the peony as we can not realistically be held responsible for the variety of things that can happen to plants once they leave our nursery..... they are now in your care. Treat them well and they will thrive!

We begin to dig and ship peonies from mid September to mid October
in the sequence that paid orders are received.

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