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ELYSIUM Gardens - Peonies

Our Notable Collection Of Peonies.
(Prime bloom time is between early May and mid June)

Herbaceous Peonies

There are several species of herbaceous peonies but only a few are available commercially, as many are difficult to cultivate. However, from those available, hundreds of cultivars and hybrids have been developed giving the gardener an amazing selection of colour, flower form and fragrance to choose from.

Herbaceous peony flowers are classified as: Single, Semi-Double, Double, Japanese or Anemome form. Many cultivars are extremely fragrant and sequence of bloom varies.

At ELYSIUM Gardens, herbaceous peonies generally begin to bloom in mid to late May and continue throughout mid-late June. Zone 2-3

Itoh Hybrid Peonies (aka: Intersectional Peonies)

A life-time of work by Japanese horticulturist, Toichi Itoh, crossing herbaceous peonies with tree peonies, resulted in a gift to gardeners that is unsurpassed. His hybrid peonies, know as Itoh hybrids or Intersectionals, are a combination of the finest qualities and beauty of both parents. The qualities and colour range of tree peonies are dominant in the flowers, whereas the herbaceous peony dominates in their growth habit and foliage. Itoh hybrids mostly die back in winter, often leaving some woody stems above ground, and emerge again in spring. Mature plants form spherical shapes with flowers and foliage held in a harmonious balance. They are greatly treasured by garden enthusiasts the world over. Zone 2-3

Tree Peonies (Paeonia suffruticosa)

Tree peonies form woody branches that do not die back, but simply drop their leaves in the autumn. Depending on location, they grow 4-5 feet tall and as wide. Tree peonies like the same soil conditions as herbaceous peonies but require more shelter from the wind. The larger-flowered varieties will hold their flowers longer if protected from the sun during the hottest part of the day. In full bloom, a tree peony is simply stunning.

As tree peonies bloom earlier than herbaceous peonies, they are a great way to extend the season of peony bloom in the garden. Zone 5 ~ 4 (with protection).
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