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Herbaceous Peonies For Canadian Gardens
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Paeonia anomala: (Specie ) $65.00
A choice hardy specie suited to woodland gardens. Crimson flowers, golden stamens, finely dissected foliage. Ht-1-2 ft.
P. x 'Blaze': (Faye 1973) $25.00
H-30in, Early. Vivid semi-double red hybrid that due to its short stature, doesn't require staking. A long time favourite.
P. 'Bowl of Beauty': (Hoogendoorn 1949)
$25.00 - A 'Classic' lactiflora. One of our favourite late bloomers, sturdy stems that seldom need staking. Very Lovely!
P. 'Bowl of Cream': (Klehm 1963) $35.00
A fragrant 'Devon Cream' double lactiflora. APS Gold Medal 1981, National Exhibition Grand Champion 1994. SOLD OUT.
P. x 'Buckeye Belle': (Mains 1956) $35.00
Rich blackish-red, semi-double hybrid with gold stamens. Ht-2ft. Early blooming, Strong stems.
P. 'Charlie's White': (Klehm 1951) $25.00
Double white bomb-style lactiflora. Excellent for cutting with tall strong stems. Ht-42in. Dries very well also.
P. x 'Claire de Lune': (White-Wild 1954)
Pale yellow with a subtle blush pink flare. Bred from many crosses of P.Mons Jules Elie and P. Mlokosewitschii (a delicate yellow specie). Gorgeous in its simplicity, free blooming and requires no staking.
P. x 'Coral Charm': (Wissing 1964)
APS-Gold Medal Winner 1986, Grand Champion 2003. Breathtaking semi-double coral peach that fades to a creamy salmon shade with bold gold stamens. Vigorous, tall and sturdy, an excellent cut flower.
P. x 'Coral Supreme' : (Wissing 1964) $50.00
Large coral-pink semi-double bloom. Paler and pinker than 'Coral Charm'. Mid Season.
P. x 'Coral Sunset' : (Wissing-Klehm '81) $50.00 (APS-Gold Medal 2003)
Semi-Dble. Deep coral-pink with an orange centre fading to apricoot and then yellow.
P. 'Dancing Butterflies': (Henry 1983) $25.00
Deep pink single with golden center. Mid season bloomer, sturdy stems, Ht-32 in.
P. 'Duchesse de Nemours': (Calot 1856) $25.00
A sweetly fragrant double white with sturdy stems, making it a very good cut flower.
P. x 'Dandy Dan': (Auten 1946)
A very fine dark red, semi-double hybrid. Early blooming 24-30 in. tall.
P. x 'Early Scout': (Auten 1952) $25.00
Very early to bloom. Smallish maroon red flowers with bronzy cut-leaf foliage showing its P. teunifolia heritage.
Peonies at ELYSIUM Gardens
Peonies at ELYSIUM Gardens
Peonies at ELYSIUM Gardens
Peonies at ELYSIUM Gardens
Peonies at ELYSIUM Gardens
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