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Itoh Hybrid Peonies (aka: Intersectional Peonies)

2012: Mail Order From ELYSIUM garden nursery
Kelowna, BC. Canada

Bartzella: (Anderson 1986) $95.00
APS Grand Champion Winner-2002
Excellent plant habit...Gorgeous!
Bloom size plants.
Cora Louise: (Anderson 1986) $95.00
Huge semi-double white blooms with dark red flares. Excellent plant vigor.
Bloom size plants.
Going Bananas: (Anderson) $95.00
Huge, intense yellow, single blooms
24-32 inches tall. Aptly named.
Bloom size plants.
Hillary: (Anderson 1986) $95.00
Reliable double blooms change from shades of rose to cream with darker center.
Bloom size plants.
Julia Rose: (Anderson 1991) $95.00
Changes from cherry red to salmon to a pink & cream blend. 36" tall ~ good cut.
Kopper Kettle: (Anderson 1989?) $95.00
A very striking blend of red, orange and yellow. Vigorous.
Morning Lilac:(Anderson 1992) $95.00
Vivid single or semi-double lavender.
A real stand-out, great foliage.
Bloom size plants $95.00
Smith Family Yellow: (Smith 2002)
Large double clear yellow blooms. Excellent Cut Flower.
Bloom size Plants. $95.00
Sequestered Sunshine: (Anderson)
Bright single blooms, slight red flares.
Long stems makes it good for cutting.
Bloom size plants. $95.00
Singing In The Rain: (Donald Smith 2002)
Pink buds open to double yellow flushed with pink, 6 inch blooms. Very floriferous.
Bloom Size Plants. $95.00
First Arrival: (Anderson 1986)
Large semi-double blooms with deep lavender petals that transcend to baby pink as they age. Very pretty!
Bloom Size Plants. $95.00
Yankee Doodle Dandy: (D. Smith 2002)
Semi-double blooms are deep rose pink with a deep plum eye-zone surrounding a tuft of golden stamens. Wow!
Bloom Size Plants. $95.00
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